Work With Me


For the longest time, I was searching for something.


I stayed trapped in a stressful job that had literally made me sick, but deep down, I knew that there was more.


There HAD to be.


I could feel a FIRE in my soul & I knew that it had to be unleashed.


But first, I had a lot of healing to do… 

physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

As I progressed on my path, peeling away layer after layer, I developed a strong relationship with my intuition, which guided me to exactly where I needed to go.

I began examining old stories & beliefs that were keeping me small & made the decision to rewrite them into empowering ones that would propel me towards my goals.

I also developed a rock solid spiritual practice, which connected me to my HIGHER SELF.

It was from this place that I began to tap into my full potential & see things from a much broader perspective.


I realized along the way that I am here to help others RISE UP into their HIGHER TRUTH so that they can live RADIANTLY AWAKENED lives.

We are all here because we each have a UNIQUE MISSION.

We are here to align with our HIGHER PURPOSE & to do what



But it’s easy to get lost in the hustle & disconnect from that place inside…

And that’s exactly why I do this work— 
to help you reconnect with that place so you can fulfill your unique mission in alignment with your higher purpose. 

It is not only my honor but my duty to help others in this way. 


If you’re addicted to the hustle & feel like something’s missing…


If you crave a consistent, daily meditation practice but need some help in establishing it…


If there is a little voice inside nudging you to embark on a spiritual path…


I invite you to apply for a spot in my 6-month program:



Through our work together, I will guide you to:

* Connect deeply with & develop a strong trust in your intuition so you can make decisions that will lead you to your deepest desires

* Re-write limiting stories & beliefs into empowering ones that support you in fulfilling your unique purpose & mission

* Create a consistent, daily meditation practice that will become the foundation for your day & will help you achieve greater mental clarity, focus, & inner peace

Use every emotion, experience, & challenge as an opportunity for spiritual growth & evolution


The program includes:

☆ 18 holistic coaching sessions (3 sessions per month)

☆  One bottle of my handmade “earthbound” essential oil meditation blend

☆   Grounded, practical weekly action steps that will propel you towards your goals

☆  Unlimited email support throughout your journey

*As a practitioner of Reiki and shamanic healing, I may also incorporate these powerful tools into your program, depending upon your preferences & unique needs.


The investment for the program is $3597
(or 6 monthly payments of $650) 





If you are curious about working with me & would like to get a feel of what it would be like, I also offer one-time introductory 50-minute sessions for $197. If you choose to enroll in my 6-month program within one week of the session, the $197 will be credited towards your cost.

One week of email support is included with the session




In light & love,

Kelly Knaub